Review | The Guest List by Lucy Foley

“The rituals, the male bonding. When we get together there’s this kind of pack mentality. We get carried away.” 3.75/5 stars!

Attention! This book contains: baby seals, secret notes, gold crowns, graveyards, mansions, deserted islands, death birds, wedding cake and seaweed.

People usually say that this book reminds them of Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None”, but I honestly don’t think it’s even similar. Sure, it’s also a murder mystery story and there is the stuck-in-an-island aspect, but other than that the stories have nothing in common.

One of my favorite things was definitely the set up and the atmosphere. The island has a very eerie feeling to it! The author did a great job creating a feeling of unease and heaviness in every page. Even the group of guys gave me really weird vibes with their conversations and behaviours.

I also liked that the story was complex and layered. In every chapter you discover something new that changed your view of what’s happening. I personally wasn’t the biggest fan of the pacing just because you only know who was murdered in the last chapters. There is a lot of build up and new information coming in, but I think it would be more interesting to know earlier who the victim was.

Overall it was a good book and I was entertained. If you like murder mystery books this is a good one to pick up.

xoxo, Neide

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