Review | A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson

“But sometimes remembering isn’t for yourself, sometimes you do it just to make someone else smile. Those lies were allowed.” 5/5 stars!

Attention! This book contains: black coffee, interviews, recordings, printed threats, camping sites, lies, clues, drug dealers, abbreviations, secret cell phones and missing golden retrievers.

This was so entertaining, I was hooked from the beginning until the end! 

In this book, a girl named Pippa decides to make a project about a muder that took place in her town five years ago as her final year project. In that cold case, a girl named Andie went missing and her body never was found. The main suspect for her possible murder was her boyfriend Sal, who was found dead in the woods a few days after she went missing. Nobody knows exactly what happened, but the entire town truly believes Sal murdered Andie and then killed himself because he felt remorse for killing her. Pippa was always intrigued by this case and she is not convinced Sal did it, so she decides to make her own investigation. Of course, she finds a lot of interesting things the police never found out, and she starts to get texts and printed threats warning her to stop. Even though she’s afraid, she teams up with Sal’s brother, Ravi, and she keeps going. She continues investigating and day by day she becomes closer to uncover the truth to what happened to both Andie and Sal.

I had to give this book five stars because I loved it so much. What was so great about this book for me is how I was always guessing what happened and trying to connect all the pieces of the puzzle. You never get bored because at the end of each chapter you learn about a new shocking detail that you need to fit in the story. There are so many suspects and so many motives that you will never know for sure what happened to Andie nor Sal. Not only that, but I was also a big fan of the main character, Pip. If you follow my reviews, you probably know by now that I really like strong, intelligent and motivated female main characters, and she was definitely one of them. Also… I can’t be the only one who thought about Regina George as Andie the entire time! I mean c’mon… beautiful and popular blonde mean girl? It would be impossible not to imagine Rachel McAdams as Andie… or it’s probably just me.

If you like mysteries or murder stories, this book is a great one to pick! I had no idea of who had done it and I was hooked until the end when I finally knew what happened. I highly recommend the audiobook version for this book. There are a lot of interview recordings made by Pip so there are some cool sound effects and a full cast of narrators. Please be aware of the following trigger warnings before reading the book: rape, drug abuse, kidnapping and violence.

xoxo, Neide

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