Revisiting My 2021 Reading Goals (a.k.a. Come Laugh With Me)

Hello friends!

Today I’m bringing you a fun post! I thought we could revisit my 2021 to see if my reading year went well – and of course, to laugh at all my attempts at achieving my yearly reading goals.

Every year I set a goal for how many books I want to read and a few extra goals to keep me motivated and interested in reading! In front of each goal I added an icon: ✔️ if I achieved it or ❌ if I failed. So here are the reading goals I set for 2021:

  1. Read 60 books: ACHIEVED ✔️
    We’re starting on a good note! I did achieve this goal by reading 120 books in 2021 – so I read double the books I wanted. I’m happy I still got to read a lot, even having my full-time job and now the monthly book boxes!
  2. Read all Colleen Hoover’s books: FAILED
    This was a flop. To be fair, I read some of Colleen’s books in 2021, but I still missed a lot of them. She has so many! Maybe I’ll get to read some of her books in 2022, but I’m not making this a goal anymore. Here are the books/series I still haven’t read from Colleen Hoover:
    • Hopeless series
    • Slammed series
    • All Your Perfects
    • Maybe series
    • November 9
    • Reminders of Him (coming up this year)
  3. Read all Kasie West’s books: ACHIEVED ✔️
    This was a fairly easy goal to achieve because I was only missing two of Kasie West’s books: Split Second (Pivot Point #2) and Sunkissed (published in 2021). She is one of my favorite authors of all time, so I wanted to know all of her stories. I’m happy to accomplish this one.
  4. Read the fantasy series I always wanted to read: ACHIEVED ✔️
    I should’ve been more specific when I added this goal to the list by defining a number, but I’m going to consider this goal achieved. I added this goal to my 2022 yearly goals, but this time I put a number to it: I want to read 3 fantasy series in 2022. Like I said, I’m considering this goal achieved because I got into two of the fantasy series I always wanted to read: Warcross and A Court of Thorns and Roses. I also loved them both!
  1. Change NetGalley score to 100%: FAILED
    Ladies and gentleman, this is where I failed MISERABLY. I read ZERO books on NetGalley. My NetGalley score is still in the mud and I don’t think it will get better anytime soon. I deeply regret the amount of books I downloaded on NetGalley when I first started reviewing, but I really didn’t know how things worked at that time. Maybe I’ll try to work on my score this year, but I’m not making this a priority.

And there you have it friends. It wasn’t that bad… was it? I still achieved 3 of 5 goals, so I think I did okay. What about you? Have you revisited your goals? Let me know how your year went! I wish you a great reading year with amazing books 🙂

Have a great day!

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