Revisiting My 2022 Reading Goals (a.k.a. Come Laugh With Me)

Hello friends!

It’s that time of the year: the time I look back at the reading goals I set myself for the past year… and laugh at how miserably I have failed. To be fair, I try to achieve what I planned at the beginning of the year, but life sometimes has a sense of humor that doesn’t always go with my plans.

I really like setting goals for myself for different areas of my life, and reading is no exception. I think it’s the perfect opportunity to push our boundaries, explore new things and get out of our comfort zone. I highly recommend that you do the same! My recommendation is to start with a quantity goal, which means you could start by defining a number of books you want to read for the year. And don’t worry, even if you don’t always achieve what you plan… the important thing is that you try and grow along the way!

So how does this work? In the following list, I will list all of my reading goals for 2022. In front of each goal I added an icon: ✔️ if I achieved it or ❌ if I failed. So here are the reading goals I set for 2022:

1. Read 60 books: ACHIEVED ✔️

Another successful year of achieving my goal of reading 60 books! This was not very hard for me to achieve since this has been my yearly goal for the last few years. This year I was able to read 62 books, which means I read about 5 books per month (average). At this point I’m already used to reading this amount!

2. Reduce book collection to 200 (or less) books: FAILED

Oh, this was a MAJOR flop. I started the year having 262 books in my collection, and right now my book collection count is at 264. So somehow I ended up with two more books than when I first started the year! The funny thing about this is that I sold dozens of books this year… but somehow I bought even more! This is something I desperately need to fix, so I’m working on this in 2023.

3. Read 30 books from my physical TBR: FAILED

I was very surprised with myself with this goal, because even though I wasn’t able to reach the goal of reading 30 books from my physical TBR… I got to read 22! That’s crazy! I ended up reading a lot of my physical books, so I’m very proud of myself nonetheless!

4. Read 3 fantasy series I have always wanted to read: FAILED

Another goal that didn’t go according to plan because I wasn’t in the mood to pick up book series. I picked a lot of standalones and non-fiction books, so fantasy series were not on my priority list this year. From all the fantasy series I wanted to read, I only read one complete series: “The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” duology.

5. Read all the books sent/lent to me: FAILED

I have a few books that were sent to me by authors and publishers, so I want to read those in 2022. Not only that, but I have also accumulated a lot of books that were lent to me by friends. I want to read them all and return them afterwards so I’ll have more space on my shelves and time to read my own books.

6. Read 3 big books (>500 pages): FAILED

If you read my “My Fear of Big Books” post, you know I’m intimidated by big books. I wanted to work on this fear of mine because I don’t want to miss out on all the amazing stories out there. So one of my goals was to read 3 big books in 2022. This also was a failure, because I only picked up 1 big book, which was Karin Slaughter’s “Pretty Girls” (with 548 pages). I’m not super mad with goal, because I was still able to read at least one!

And there you have it friends, my reading year. Try not to judge me, please! I’m still very proud of myself for trying because this was a hard year for me. My illness and surgery took a lot of my time and energy, and I was still able to achieve something and make progress with my reading. I’m not going to be hard on myself. It was a tough year, but hopefully I’ll achieve more goals in 2023 🙂

What about you? Have you revisited your goals? Let me know how your year went! I wish you a great reading year with amazing books 🙂

Have a great day!

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