My 8 Reading Goals for 2023

Hello friends!

New Year, new me… right? Well, I’m going to try again to set some reading goals for the new year that is coming! So that’s exactly what we are going to do today.

I’m using some of the goals that I set for 2022, but I changed a few things! I also added 3 new goals to keep things interesting! Needless to say, I’m very excited with my new plan for 2023!

So after some thought and deliberation, I put together all of my bookish goals that I want to achieve! Ready to take a look? Here they are:

1. Read 60 books

Every single year I set my reading goal for 60 books per year (which means 5 books per month). This amount works perfectly for me. It’s a very achievable goal for me, and if the year gets trickier, it becomes more of a challenge. Most years I surpass this amount, but I’m still happy if I get to read 60 books in a year!

2. Reduce book collection to 200 (or less) books

I’ve had this same goal for 2022, but it didn’t go as well as I thought it would, so I decided to try again in 2023. I have a ton of books on my shelves and I would love to reduce my collection to a more manageable number. The truth is that nobody needs that many books – I have about 260 as I’m writing this. It’s time to reduce the collection for good!

3. Read 20 books from my physical TBR

I also had this goal for 2022, but this time I’m reducing the value to 20 books. I read books in different formats, but I want to prioritize what’s currently on my shelves. I found 30 books to be a lot, so in 2023 one of my goals will be to read at least 20 of my physical copies… we’ll see how that goes!

4. Read 2 fantasy series I have always wanted to read

Another repeated goal, but I’m downsizing this one to 2 fantasy series. The thing is: I love fantasy series, but I have a hard time compromising with long series with a ton of volumes. Which is a shame, because from my experience, these kinds of series are amazing! My TBR list is FILLED with all the ones I never got to read, so in 2023 I want to go through some of them, no matter the size. For example, some of the fantasy series I want to read are: Dune, The Lord of the Rings, A Curse so Dark and Lonely, Red Queen, City of Bones, Shadow and Bone, Ready Player One, Throne of Glass, and many more!

5. Read 2 big books (>500 pages)

Another repeated goal, but I’m making it 2 this time! So, not only am I intimidated by big series, but I’m also intimidated by big books (for me this means over 500 pages). I always try to go against my fear of big books, because I know I’m missing out on some amazing stories and world-building. And that’s the reason why I’m doing this! I want to pick up at least 2 of these in 2023.

6. Do not finish books if I really don’t want to

A new goal for the new year (finally)! This is pretty self-explanatory, but I’m tired of keep reading when I’m not into the stories. So this year I want to remind myself that life is too short to read boring books. If it’s not good, I am moving on!

7. Read a book for every genre

Another thing I want to try to achieve this year is to read from different genres! I think of myself as a diverse reader, but this year I’m putting it on paper! I want to get out of my comfort zone and read some cool, different books so this year I’ll try to check the following genres:

  • Romance
  • Thriller
  • Fantasy
  • Young Adult
  • New Adult
  • Adult
  • Horror
  • Historical
  • LGBTQ+
  • Contemporary
  • Science Fiction
  • Science
  • Self-Development
  • Memoir / Biography
  • Mystery
  • Paranormal
  • Graphic Novel / Manga

8. Do TBR lists again!

I did this for a very long time, but I stopped because at some point I felt like I was being forced to read whatever I planned for the month. I want to try this again for a few different reasons, but mostly because I really liked how organized I was with my reading. It was a lot of fun to write my TBR posts every month and pick new books for each month! Another plus is that I can track my reading goals a little better this way as well. For me these are all great reasons to try again, so why not? 🙂

So what do you think of my reading goals for 2023? To be honest, I’m feeling confident! I think all of the reading goals that I’m setting for 2023 are both challenging and achievable, just like in 2022.

Tell me about you! Do you have any reading goals for 2023? Let me know!

See you in my next post 🙂

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