Review | The Power is Within You by Louise L. Hay

“If we can use our problems and illnesses as opportunities to think about how we can change our lives, we have power.” 5/5 stars!

Attention! This book contains: meditation, affirmations, positive thoughts, gratitude, teddy bears and the power within us.

In The Power Is Within You, Louise L. Hay expands her philosophies of loving the self through:
– learning to listen and trust the inner voice;
– loving the child within;
– letting our true feelings out;
– the responsibility of parenting;
– releasing our fear about growing older;
– allowing ourselves to receive prosperity;
– expressing our creativity;
– accepting change as a natural part of life;
– creating a world that is ecologically sound where it’s safe to love each other;
– and much more.

She closes the book with a chapter devoted to meditations for personal and planetary healing.

I loved this book so much!

Some books come to us when we need to hear something specific, and this book was exactly that: It came exactly when I needed it most.

When I started this book and I got through the first chapters, I thought this would be a pretty simple self-development book. Just because I’ve already read about the things the author was talking about – such as affirmations, for example.

But as the book progresses, I started to read about things that really spiked my interest and curiosity. One of these topics was on how we create our own diseases with our negative emotions such as frustration and anger. Not only that but she also talked about how the affected organs and side of the body are also not coincidental. This was really interesting to me and I immediately thought “I need to read more about this topic”! I’m hoping her other books talk more about this.

It’s a very positive, feel-good book! Even if you don’t take everything it preaches, I guarantee you’ll still find something here that you can take with you.

Louise seems like an awesome, warm person and I’m very excited to take a look at her other books! Definitely worth it.

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