About Me

Hi there! My name is Neide (in case you’re wondering, you read it like “nade”) and I’m a 26 year old book blogger! I was born and raised in Portugal, and even though I have a Master’s in Chemical Engineering, my life took a bit of a turn and now I work as a software developer – which makes me even happier! I have two cats that are my babies, I love everything chocolate and I always try to see the bright side in every situation. Yup… that’s me in a nutshell.

This is me! Hi!

So why did I start a book blog in the first place?

Reading was always a big part of my life, but I’ve been reading way more frequently in the last few years. I really like to watch videos on Youtube to look for book recommendations, and I spend a lot of my time browsing Goodreads to see what my friends are reading and to keep an eye on new releases. Basically I wanted to create a platform to share my love for books with people that feel the same way! I decided to create this blog to share the books I’ve been reading and give some recommendations.

What can you find in my blog?

At this point I’m mostly publishing reviews of books that I purchased, and ARCs or free copies that were sent to me by editors or authors. I’m also publishing monthly to be read (TBR) lists, monthly wrap-ups, recommendations, tags, thoughts and other book related content.

But Neide, if you are portuguese… why do you write in english?

Oh, that’s a great question! There are many reasons why I decided to write in english, but I’ll stick to the three main reasons so you won’t die of boredom:

  1. Most of the books I read are are not even published in Portugal (not all of them, but most of them), so that means I’m reading in english;
  2. I can reach a larger group of bookish friends if I write in english;
  3. It’s a great way for me to practice my english writing skills.

So if you eventually spot some bad grammar or mispelled words, just remember that I’m not a native english speaker and I’m doing my best!

What do I like to read?

I’m not very picky when it comes to reading, and whatever I decide to pick depends on my current mood. Most of the times I read a lot of contemporary romance (mostly Young Adult and New Adult), but sometimes I’m in the mood for thriller and horror novels. When I’m feeling very professional – whatever that means – I usually pick up self-developmet and non-fiction books. When I get bored of contemporary stories, I pick a good dystopian or fantasy book.

These are some of my random interests in books and favorite tropes, in no particular order:

  • Strong female main characters;
  • Enemies-to-lovers romances;
  • Slow burn romances;
  • Great family dynamics (especially between siblings);
  • Strongly themed books (for example books with mermaids, mythology, pirates, countryside, etc.);
  • Murder mysteries;
  • Books with complete endings (there are some exceptions here, but in general I don’t like open endings or endings that don’t explain the book).

Is there anything I don’t like to read?

Well, to be completely honest, I’m not the biggest fan of historical novels, but I still pick them now and then. It’s just not my favorite genre.

Do I have a favorite book?

I could never pick a favorite book. There are just SO many! I will say the dystopian and romance genres are probably my favorite.

Where can I also be found?

You can find me on Goodreads and Instagram! I post my reviews on Goodreads, and I have a Bookstagram where I share some cool pictures of books I want to share.

Oh, and why name your blog “Sprayed Edges”?

Ahm… it was the first name I came up with. Amazing story, I know.

Well, I hope you like my blog! I’m still trying to figure out a lot of things, but I’m taking a day at a time. I want this to be a positive space to discuss and share stories that readers are passionate about. Feel free to browse and let’s share our love for books!

Thanks for reading!